Privacy Policy

TOKAI BUSSAN CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") is committed to being fully aware of its social responsibility for the protection of all personal information which it handles in the course of its business, observing all relevant laws and regulations concerning the protection of rights of individuals whom the information is about and personal information, establishing compliance programs to put into practice the policies described below, paying due attention to the latest trends in information technology, changes in societal demand and managerial environment, and so on, and making company-wide efforts to improve its personal information protection management system on a continued basis.

  • 1. About personal information provided by customers
    The Company may ask customers to provide their personal information, such as name, postal address, date of birth, sex, telephone number and email address, in order to offer information concerning its products and services to them. It may also ask them for other personal information, in order to provide them with the information that best answers their request. When this is the case, it will be up to each customer to decide whether they provide the information, except for compulsory items.

  • 2. About IP addresses and cookies
    The Company collects the IP addresses from which the computers of customers access its website for website management reasons. It uses these IP addresses, collected on its web server, for no other purpose but to appropriately and safely manage and provide services on this website, by protecting against unauthorized access and enabling swift identification of the cause and restoration in the event of a failure on the web server, and they shall never be used or disclosed by combining them with any personal information of customers. Although the Company also collects information about how customers use its services, it shall never use or disclose any of such information that identifies individuals. Exceptionally, however, it may use IP addresses to identify individuals to take required measures when doing so is deemed necessary to protect this website or customers.

  • 3. About SSL (security)
    The Company protects the personal information of customers using SSL (Secure Socket Layer, the industry-standard security function that encrypts online information to safety communicate it on the Internet), to ensure that customers can provide their personal information on this website in a secure manner. This requires each customer to use an SSL-compatible browser, so that the personal information of the customer can be automatically encrypted for secure communication.