Research Paper

We compile the research results of Tokai Bussan into a paper.

Report List

Year Journal/Issue Number Title Author name
2014 Food Sci.Tech.Res/
A Mixture of Histidine-Dipeptides,Vitamin C,and Ferulic Acid Reduces Comet Assay Scores in Normal Middle-Aged Men. Yanai N,Niitsuma T,Shiotani S,Hagiwara S,Nabetani H.
2013 Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem./
Effect of a Dipeptide-Enriched Diet on in an Adult Shiotani S,Yanai N,Suzuki T,Tsujioka S,Sakano Y,Yamnaka-Kobayashi K,Kayashima Y.
2008 Biosci.Biotechnol.Biochem./
Antioxidant constituents inhibits reactive oxygen species mediated damage Yanai N,Shiotani S,Hagiwara S,Nabetani H,Nakajima M.